Śrī Tathāta was born in Kerala, south India. As a child, Śri Tathâta showed an intense interest in spiritual and devotional practices, and often his consciousness would remain immersed in the higher planes. So, at a very young age, he underwent strict yoga practices until he reached most elevated states of consciousness.

Śri Tathâta’s deep knowledge of the Vedic tradition revives one of the most ancient Indian wisdom. Śri Tathâta has conducted many great Vedic rituals in India and Occident in order to re-establish the peace, natural balance and harmony on Earth.

He now initiates into practices leading to the purifying of our first three bodies, Bhur ( physical ), Bhuva ( energy or prana), Swaha ( mental) so as to promote growth into higher and greater levels of consciousness or awareness. Foremost of practices is a unique pranayama that speeds up the process of Self-realization to trigger, and promote a cellular transformation. As a being of wisdom, his living teaching comes directly from the Vedas, primordial knowledge, bestowed to him by the Great Rishis of ancient times.

His primary goal continues to be one of revealing to humanity the Truth of their divine nature and to lead them to their greatest spiritual potential regardless of beliefs or social standing.

For Śrī Tathāta, this Universe is characterized by evolution and, as far as human beings are concerned, by an evolutionary growth of consciousness through various stages: the animal level, the fully human level (in which discrimination breaks through), the level of the noble man (who knows the Dharma and has developed the quality of wakefulness), and the final level of man having reached perfection. The Dharma Sūtras, a compound of 50 precepts that Śrī Tathāta solemnly proclaimed in January 1991 at Sarnath (India), describe the steps that can lead human beings to these heights. Dharma means the way of living resulting from awareness of the Cosmic Order – in other words, the enlightened way of living, at both individual and collective levels.

Śri Tathâta teaches the Dharma corresponding to the present time. It is also about learning to absorb the divine light, to diffuse it in oneself and to make our consciousness grow. It is also about becoming more attentive and attuned to Mother Nature’s rhythms, so as to be nourished by her energy and be in harmony with the world. On this path of Dharma, life becomes noble, characterized by the values of respect, brotherhood, cooperation, and unconditional love for all beings.

Since 2007, Śri Tathâta travels, every year, throughout Western countries so thousands can be in his divine presence and receive his teaching. Not to mention that he provides many with programs at his two ashrams in India.

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