From interview of Śrī Tathāta, February 2012 in Kollur, India

You have been speaking a lot about Dharma. Maybe it would be useful to just say very simply what Dharma signifies and what the human being is in respect to Dharma?

Śrī Tathāta:

Dharma is the true essence of human life on the human plane. It is the energy sustaining everything. Because everything exists in a well-defined order, Dharma can be seen as this order. We can understand this in an easy way. For example, in the seed a tree is sleeping. It is there in the seed. The flowers, fruits, leaves, everything is present in the seed, everything is hidden there. Nothing is coming from outside, everything is already contained in the seed. The whole big tree is hidden in a small seed. How does it grow? It gradually sprouts, it grows, the trunk develops, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits appear joyfully, everything happens.
Likewise, a human soul can flower, it can fulfil life. Now the seed for us is the energy hidden in our soul. This energy is Dharma. If we develop this seed of energy, it will grow and fulfill our life. Dharma is then the process through which you can achieve this flowering of human life. Today the seed exists in only in an early stage. Dharma is the practical methodology through which the seed in the human being can develop, grow and fulfil the purpose of life.