Śrī Tathāta was born in Kerala, South India. He spent most of his early years meditating alone, in absorption into the Divine. Śrī Tathāta relates that as a young child, he was interested primarily in spiritual and devotional practices, and often his consciousness would remain immersed in the higher planes. These particularities were not self-evident in the simple family, belonging to the peasant world, in which he had taken birth.

Śrī Tathāta after completing Intermediate, hearing the inner call for total spiritual life, discontinued further academic studies and left his family to undertake hardened Tapas (austerities in solitude). After wandering in many places, as per a divine call, he established in Tapas near to an abandoned Devi temple situated in his own village, (Vandithavalam). For many years he lived there observing very hard spiritual practices, eating only neem leaves and water. He totally concentrated in the practice of the ancient classical systems such as the Hatha yoga, Raja yoga (Patajali yoga), Tantra sadhana and Siddha vidya proposed by the Maha Siddhas (great yogis) of ancient India branches of which was later well known in the world as the kriya yoga of Babaji. During that period of long and hard austerity his mind enters into deep and perfect state of samadhi (metaphysical state of merging with superior consciousness) resulting in the permanent enfoldment of the ultimate consciousness in him. He reminds for another 5 or 6 years in Tapas without contacting the outer world, but the great truth awakens his mind from the state of fusion with super consciousness to see the sorrows and suffering of present world. He was divinely motivated to work for the total benefit of humanity. His mission was revealed to him: to bring the Dharma again to mankind and elevate its consciousness, so that the world can enjoy peace and harmony again.

Young Śrī Tathāta

From 1974 onwards, many grief stricken people as well as spiritual seeker started coming near him for guidance. Perhaps that could be the reason for the manifestation of Tapovarishtashram in Vandithavalam village. Accordingly in the year 1989 he kept traveling to holy places in Himalaya to make special prayers and rituals for bringing positive changes in the world order. Later, in the year 1991, he proclaimed the Dharma Sutras which was a practical guidance to attain and integrate divinity at all aspects of human life. In the year 2006 a great seat known as Dharmapeetha was established to receive the divine light from the supreme source and to re-distribute it for the whole earth was established by Śrī Tathāta at Kollur, in Karnataka state near Sri Mookambika temple. Google map

Śrī Tathāta

Sincere feeling of responsibility to support life and for balancing the rhythm of nature, Śrī Tathāta conducted three Mahayagas (Grand Vedic Rituals on Fire) named as Dharmasooya Mahayaga in Kerala. First Dharmasooya Mahayaga was in the year 1998, then in years 2002, 2009 and 2014. Śrī Tathāta step by step uplifts men to higher life through innumerable process of spiritual awakening and disciplines. To those who want to go further, he gives initiations and advanced tools, allowing them to purify themselves, be progressively aware of their personal Dharma and much more (see section: Initiations ).

After the establishment of Dharmapeetha, in the year 2007, Śrī Tathāta positively responded to the long pending invitation from the side of the devotees to visit Europe. His first visits to Europe arouse much feeling among the Europeans and hundreds of people decided to follow his guidance. The world communities have been increasingly demanding Śrī Tathāta to organize a grand Vedic event in western countries to promote peace, harmony and friendship. So, in the year 2009 and 2011 special Vedic programmes were being organized in France with these intentions.