The Dharma Pītha is a temple dedicated to the pure divine light. It was conceived to attract the highest cosmic energies onto the earth. Everyone is welcome to pray or meditate in this living shrine of the Supreme Source, whatever the way one conceives it, be it a deity, a prophet or the Universal Divine Presence. After having solemnly revealed the Dharma Sūtras in 1991, Śrī Tathāta received the indication that the time had come to set a center where the Energy of the Source could descend onto continuously and be spread to the entire earth. Then a long process started: selection of the place, acquisition of a property, first prayers en 1993, construction and finally consecration of the Dharma Pītha in 2006.

Dharma Pitha

The small town of Kollur, in a volcanic place covered by jungle, in the state of Karnataka (South India) was chosen. Kollur, at the feet of Kodachadri mountain and bathed by the Souparnika river, has been a spiritual high place from immemorial times. A temple dedicated to the 3 faces of the Divine Mother was built there by the great sage and philosopher Ādi Śankārācarya (788-820) (Śrī Mokambika Temple).

Then the architect was chosen: an Indian woman who received an inspiration similar to Śrī Tathāta’s vision. The architecture of the Dharma Pītha is very original, with its outer massive and round shapes. The black central stone is called Pītha. Standing on a padma, or open lotus, it is the receiver of the energy of pure light which flows into the temple and from there is re-distributed to the whole earth. The major part of the temple has been built by hand, by men and women of profound devotion. In the morning of July 6th, 2006 the ceremonies of consecration of the Dharma Pītha took place. At that same moment, hundreds of people were gathered in several places throughout India, Europe and America to pray and meditate; they keep a vibrant memory of this special morning.

On January 17th, 2011 the Dharma Pitha’s consecration was completed through numerous rituals and a solemn prayer by Śrī Tathāta; its opening to the world took place on January 19th in the presence of the Śānkarācarya of Śringeri, a very respected spiritual leader of India. Since then, the temple is characterized by an exceptional radiance and quality of silence which everyone can make the experience of.


It is a centre which started developing spontaneously around Sri Tathata towards the end of his tapas. It is situated very close to Sri Tathata’s birth place, in the Palakkad district of the Kerala State in India. During ancient times these premises had been a shelter for many great Sages, Rishis and Masters. The ashram is adjacent to the ancient small Temple dedicated to the Divine Mother which has always been closely linked with Sri Tathata’s life and mission.

At this place, Sri Tathata undertook his tapas and later performed two Mahayagnas (powerful rituals offered to the sacred fire for several days) and many other grand rituals for the manifestation of the Dharma in the world.

The Ashrams also undertakes various humanitarian and charitable activities like poor feeding, medical aid etc.