given by Śrī Tathāta

The Divine Will responsible for our birth and caring for our evolution acts through Sri Tathata to initiate mature Souls. Sri Tathata’s initiations are profound mysteries.They awaken the inner soul and bring about a leap in consciousness.

Anugrahasnana: Initiation at the very first level. No discipline or restrictions are prescribed to those wishing to receive this initiation. The candidates should only be interested in self development and also willing to daily spend some time for spiritual practice.

Dharmasnana: Basic initiation to the path of Dharma for the seekers. In this initiation, the flow of Divine energy cleanses individual souls from of the impurities accumulated from the past. By systematically practicing the sadhana and following the discipline given with this initiation, the seeker will grow much faster in his spiritual as well as his material life. Those who prepare for Dharmasnana initiation must discard all habits like consuming non-vegetarian foods and alcohol, smoking tobacco etc…

Agnisnana: This is a key that opens the door to Self-Realization. During the initiation, the connection of the individual soul with the Supreme is activated. Sri Tathata imparts transcendental knowledge to the inner being of the seeker. He conveys a unique pranayama, which leads to cellular transformation and enables us to live the passage of death in full awareness. Aspirants for this initiation must have received Dharmasnana and followed the specific sadhana practices for a prescribed length of time. Agnisnana is a re-birth of our Soul. Leading a life of discipline and virtue is an inseparable part of this initiation.

More than eight hundred people followed your teaching about Dharma, in the Lot (France), this summer. People belonging to all confessions, Buddhists, Moslems, Jews, Christians, also atheists, etc. were present. Why do Westerners need so this proximity of the heart with the Indian spirituality so much for their sadhana – their spiritual practice?

Sri Tathâta:

A sadhana is essential for our inner evolution, the awakening of our soul, for the evolution of our Consciousness. The sadhana that I give corresponds to the great tradition of the Middle Path, which takes both spiritual life and the material dimension of existence into account. A spiritual practice enables the Cosmic energy to radiate at the level of the body, the mind and the prana (the vital energy). There is no difference between the needs of Indians or Westerners: the benefits of a spiritual practice are the same for all the human beings on the earth. Throughout history, many Masters of all the traditions came to teach sadhanas for the awakening of the consciousness of the world. But in essence, the Soul is One. So the teaching of Dharma is universal.